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My Baby Journal
 10/13/2008Happy Birthday Olivia
 09/30/2008September 2008
 09/04/2008Traverse City
 08/19/2008Tent and Tigers
 07/30/2008July Fun
 06/16/2008Princess Olivia
 02/23/2008Big Girl
 01/29/2008Little Miss Independent
 09/12/200723 Months
 07/30/2007Water Baby
 07/23/2007Busy Girl
 06/08/2007Daddy's Graduation
 05/28/2007Memorial Day Weekend
 September 2008

Olivia has had a great September and one step closer to turning 3!  She really keeps mommy and daddy on their toes.  She is a sweet little girl who always tells you what she is thinking. One day when we were walking she looked at me and said "mommy you're perfect".  I responded that I wasn't perfect. She then replied "no mommy you're perfect".  Right after that without a pause she told me "I am the best girl in the whole world"...which left me wondering what she wanted :)  A week or so later she told a friend of ours that she was having a "princess party".  Glad she consulted with us on that one :)  But she is our little princess and afterall "I am perfect" so we will be having a grand princess party as our baby girl turns 3!   Olivia also is attending a pre-school type class 1 day a week. Each week they have a theme and build the class around it.  She likes all the projects with paint and glue sticks.  Mommy likes the class since it is 1 hour that she gets to spend with Olivia. 

So let the count down begin.... 3 is bound to be another great year!

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